MIA Attends ‘Meet The Firms’ Event

September 20 2017

We enjoyed talking to CSUN students last night about our internship program at Martini Iosue & Akpovi. We have three places available for our summer 2018 internship program. If you would like more information about our internship program or working at Martini Iosue & Akpovi, please contact us by phone at (818) 789-1179.

We wish all CSUN students all the best with their future studies and careers.

The Martini Iosue & team pictured from left to right: Shawn Kagan (tax), Kevin Khoury (audit), Jim Roberts (tax) and Diana Xuan (tax).


Ryan Mills Joins MIA Audit Team

September 1 2017

Ryan has recently moved to Los Angeles from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He previously worked at CBIZ MHM for four years in the audit department, with most of his time being spent on commercial real estate and 401(k) plans. In his spare time Ryan enjoys golfing, soccer, and being outdoors in general. Ryan joins the team as an Audit Senior. Welcome to the team Ryan!

For more information about working at Martini Iosue & Akpovi, please contact us by phone at (818) 789-1179


Kirti Galindo Promoted To Billing Supervisor

August 25 2017

We are excited to announce that Kirti Galindo has been promoted to Billing Supervisor. Congratulations Kirti!

For information about working for Martini Iosue & Akpovi please contact us by phone on (818) 789-1179


Martini Iosue & Akpovi Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

August 24 2017

We are proud to be celebrating Martini Iosue & Akpovi’s 25 year anniversary this year. A great time was enjoyed by everyone at our mixer earlier this month. Here are a couple of photos of our team.


Congratulations On Your Promotions Joe, Chester and Brett!

August 15 2017

We are excited to announce that several of our team members have recently been promoted!

Pictured from left to right – Brett Scharg has been promoted to Supervisor, Chester Ventura and Joe Fernandez are now Senior Managers.

Congratulations Joe, Chester and Brett!

For more information about working at Martini Iosue and Akpovi, LLP, please contact us by phone at (818) 789-1179


Martini Iosue & Akpovi Goes To Illinois!

August 2 2017

Martini Iosue & Akpovi goes to Illinois! Two of our tax managers, Aza Ghazaryan and Kim Neumann, are attending an advanced tax conference at Sikich university in Naperville, Illinois.

For more information about working at Martini Iosue and Akpovi, LLP, please contact us by phone at (818) 789-1179


Yueyang Jiang Joins MIA As A Tax Senior

July 26 2017

Yueyang has four years of experience working in tax and accounting. Her specialties include taxation of high-net-worth individuals, along with the entertainment and professional services industries. Yueyang enjoys watching movies and spending time with her cat in her free time. Welcome to the team Yueyang!

For more information about working at Martini Iosue and Akpovi, LLP please contact us by phone at (818) 789-1179


Our 2017 Summer Interns Share Their Experiences Of Working For Martini, Iosue & Akpovi

July 10 2017

As Christopher Speights, Nataly Ruiz and Ivan Pena approach the end of their internships, they reflect on their experiences.

From left to right Christopher Speights, Ivan Pena and Nataly Ruiz

First, let’s hear from Christopher.

At Martini, Iosue and Akpovi, I am assisting staff and managers to prepare both domestic and international tax returns. In my brief tenure, I have had the opportunity to work alongside like-minded people and pick their brains for invaluable information.

My career aspirations are to become a certified public accountant and to work at an accounting firm whose culture and people are compatible to my personality and ethics. I can proudly say that after graduation, I would like to work at Martini, Iosue and Akpovi.

The internship has exposed me to the tremendous amount of codes, laws and regulations, and forms that accounting professionals must keep pace with if they are to survive in the world of accountancy. Additionally, the internship has revealed the importance of the mastery of fundamental accounting principles. Before the internship, I strongly believed that I needed to know everything about accounting – including intermediate and advanced accounting subjects. However, I quickly realized that is an insurmountable task, and simply having a mastery of accounting fundamentals will more than suffice. Most importantly, I have learned that a perpetual thirst for knowledge and an inquisitive mind are vital to the success of young professionals.

Next, Ivan reflects on the last few weeks

Since day one, I have been trained in a variety of different accounting procedures. I have been able to assist in the preparation of tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and trusts. Furthermore, I have been able to prepare some US international tax forms. My training has been imparted on a one-to-one approach by current accounting staff and managers in the firm. As part of the training, I have been exposed to the audit service by completing simulated audit reviews for cash, accounts receivable, prepaids, and other types of accounts.

The internship has helped me realize how complex tax returns can be, however, the staff have been very patient with the interns learning all the new material in a short amount of time. Coming in, I didn’t know which area of accounting would be a better fit for me. While tax has been a novel experience, audit has sparkled interest in me as well. As of now, I been working on audit review simulations. I see audit as a big puzzle that has to be put together. I have learned that an auditor must question the validity of the numbers on the financial reports. On the other hand, one thing I love about tax is that there is constant learning for tax professionals. The field of tax requires on-going education because tax law is always changing. Ultimately, through this internship, I have realized that public accounting is the right career I would like to pursue after obtaining my bachelor’s degree in accountancy.

And finally Nataly shares her experiences

I am assisting the International Tax team in the completion of complex returns. This means I am engaging in continuous knowledge development regarding regulations, best practices, tools and techniques.

I have grown my technical accounting skills by being exposed to real word accounting issues. I have also grown professionally through building a strong, professional network with Martini, Iosue and Akpovi employees and the other interns.

Interning at Martini, Iosue and Akpovi has given me the opportunity to confront and overcome the “fear of the unknown” that I had about what it’s like to work in a professional environment.

Please contact Martini, Iosue & Akpovi, LLP by phone at (818) 789-1179 for more information about our internship program.


Congratulations Chester Ventura And Joe Fernandez For Graduating From The PrimeGlobal Leadership Program

July 5 2017

The program provides tools on how to lead a new generation of professionals in a fast-evolving public accounting industry. Here’s what Chester and Joe had to say about the program:

 “The program helped us solidify our leadership skill set by showing us how to complete certain objectives using a team first approach. Back in the office, this has helped us build and foster long-term relationships with associates, peers and partners. We would recommend this course to anyone looking to develop skills to lead.”

Please contact Martini, Iosue & Akpovi, LLP by phone at (818) 789-1179 if you have questions or would like more information.


Christopher Passmore ranked a ‘rising star’ by San Fernando Valley Business Journal

June 6 2017
Christopher Passmore

Christopher Passmore

Rising Star Accountants: Christopher Passmore

By Helen Floersh

Originally published in the May 29 issue of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Christopher Passmore, 40, began his career at Pricewaterhousecoopers, where he worked with publicly and privately held businesses. He joined Martini, Iosue & Akpovi 10 years ago and was promoted to managing partner last year. He specializes in assurance and business consulting services to emerging and middle market companies, and focuses on manufacturing, professional services, franchises and benefit plans. He spends his free time with his family – his children are 7 and 10 – and he enjoys cycling and exploring southern California.

TITLE: Managing Partner
FIRM: Martini, Iosue & Akpovi, Encino
SPECIALTY: Assurance and business consulting to emerging and middle-market
HOBBIES: Charity, cycling and exploring Southern California with his family

Question: Why accounting?
Answer: I wanted to help clients grow their businesses and achieve their goals. The opportunity to become an entrepreneur also appealed to me. In accountancy, you can become a partner and run your own business – this is not possible in all professions.

Your role in the firm?
As the managing partner, I spend time planning and driving forward the firm’s strategy. Which products should we develop and offer? Should we open new offices?

What defines “star accountants”?
It is a balance between the ability to apply technical accountancy knowledge and the softer skills such as being an effective communicator and being able to empathize with your clients. I have always been good at communicating complex accounting concepts to clients who do not have an accountancy background.

Time management:
One third of my time is interacting directly with the firm’s clients; one third managing the firm on a day-to-day basis; and one third on the firm’s development.

Best part of your job:
Every client’s business is like a puzzle. Sometimes you know that something is not right, but the solution or missing piece is not always obvious. It is extremely satisfying when you figure it out.

Biggest misconception about accounting?
People often think that accountants do not need to have people skills. To be successful in this profession you need to be good with a calculator and have good client service skills.

Your personality at work:
I am told I am very calm and this helps me when dealing with multiple client deadlines. I approach projects step-by-step until they are completed.

New generation of accountants:
I have been inspired by the previous generation’s work ethic and their willingness to go out and do what is needed to provide excellent client service. I think the main differences have been driven by technology. Today, we have more control as we can work remotely, we can provide more client tools such as online portals and data analysis programs, and we are being kinder to the environment by using less paper.

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